Our simple survey is an effort to gauge public opinion and gather ideas about actions we in the community, individually and through cooperation/governance, can undertake to better make Hopewell Valley “green.”

Please take a few minutes to participate in our Visioning survey and help us prioritize ways to make a difference. You can add your ideas to the list of options, too!


  1. Begin by choosing to focus on either personal/business actions (green version) or community/government actions (blue version). You may participate in both surveys.
  2. Select your preference from the first pair of possible actions (randomly pulled from a list of over 30) or click “I can’t decide.”
  3. Cycle through at least ten pairs of possible actions. The more you pairs you select from, the more robust our data will be.
  4. If you have your own idea for action but didn’t see it come up after you’ve completed ten pairs, please click “Add your own idea” and type it into the text box. Your addition will be incorporated into the full list of actions after we review it.
  5. You may return to the surveys as many times as you like to add more ideas for action. Community-generated ideas are important to us and will greatly enhance the outcome of our project.