About Us


To lay the foundation for a sustainable future in the Hopewell Valley by:

  • Focusing the attention of our municipal leaders on green issues, grants and initiatives that can save tax dollars and improve the quality of our citizens’ lives, both short and long term;
  • Educating our children and the greater public about affordable, sustainable practices that can improve our working and living environments;
  • Advocating for energy efficiency of existing building stock and the implementation of renewable energy technologies;
  • Promoting responsible environmental management and conservation;
  • Promoting social equity and fairness in the creation of sustainable communities and sustainable practices;
  • Building greater self-reliance, through the support of our local farms, businesses and existing human resources; and
  • Strengthening our sense of community by identifying opportunities for Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, Pennington and the Hopewell Valley School District to share assets and resources;


Jennifer E. Curtis – Hopewell Borough
Scott Fulmer – Hopewell Borough
John Hayton – Hopewell Township
Eileen Heinzel – Pennington Borough – Borough Administrator
Joann Held – Pennington Borough
Michele Hovan – Hopewell Borough – Borough Administrator
Mike Kataryniak – Hopewell Township – Community Development Coordinator/Zoning Officer
Paul Kiss – Hopewell Township
Denise Moser – Hopewell Township
Rex Parker – Hopewell Township
Molly Reinero – Hopewell Township
Margret van Vuuren – Pennington Borough

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  • Hosted First Green Open House (April 17 at Timberlane)

Approximately 20 local businesses, school and scout groups, and municipal representatives exhibited their wares and services, including home energy audits, river friendly habits, geothermal and solar energy options, and green investing. The Green Team screened the animated film “The Story of Stuff”, and Norm Torkelson, Director of Facilities of the HVRSD, led tours of Timberlane’s recent green renovations.

  • Booth at Pennington Day (May 15) introducing the Sustainable Jersey Program
  • Booth at Hopewell Harvest Fair (October 2) focused on the EQ Challenge and energy conservation
  • Organized Paper Shredding Event (July 31) at the Pennington Farmers Market – 5120 pounds of paper were shredded
  • HVRSD Launched Project Teach and two members of the Hopewell Valley Green Team have joined the School District Green Teams
  • Established a Communications Committee charged with:

Making a list of Publicity tools
Coordinating advertising efforts
Working with our student (supported by the grant) to develop lists of contacts

  • Support for the Pennington Farmers Market via participation in the Solutions Corner, recycling projects, and advertising
  • Sustainable Jersey Milestones:

Received $1000 Capacity-building Grant to support Education and Outreach efforts
Hopewell Township received Bronze Certification
Green Team received Collaboration Award


  • Compile a Comprehensive Contacts List of municipal officials, local businesses, churches, residents and others for use in education and outreach and other efforts
  • Sponsor a Logo Contest in the HVRSD and other school children who live in the Valley
  • Launch Green Business Recognition Program
  • Host Second Annual Green Open House
  • Participate in Pennington Day & Hopewell Harvest Fair
  • Broaden communications outreach through a Web presence
  • Host another Paper Shredding event
  • Achieve certification for Pennington & Hopewell Boroughs

Read the HVGT 2010 Annual Report