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About Us

Our Mission

To lay the foundation for a sustainable future in the Hopewell Valley by:

  • Focusing the attention of our municipal leaders on green issues, grants and initiatives that can save tax dollars and improve the quality of our citizens’ lives, both short and long term;
  • Educating our children and the greater public about affordable, sustainable practices that can improve our working and living environments;
  • Advocating for energy efficiency of existing building stock and the implementation of renewable energy technologies;
  • Promoting responsible environmental management and conservation;
  • Promoting social equity and fairness in the creation of sustainable communities and sustainable practices;
  • Building greater self-reliance, through the support of our local farms, businesses and existing human resources; and
  • Strengthening our sense of community by identifying opportunities for Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, Pennington and the Hopewell Valley School District to share assets and resources.

Green Team Members

Scott Fulmer – Hopewell Borough
Kim Haren – Pennington Borough
Joann Held – Pennington Borough
Paul Kinney – Hopewell Township
Carol Meyer – Hopewell Township
Rex Parker – Hopewell Township
Molly Reinero – Hopewell Township

Uma Purandare – Hopewell Township Committee Liaison
Heidi Wilenius – Hopewell Borough Council Liaison

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